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T800 Endoskeleton... WOW

Sonntag, August 13, 2006

I find this Super Duper Wonderfull T800 and think... it is out of Paper... no is impossible...
But i find the Side of the Artist... look here... for this Wonderful PaperARTCreation... you are an Perfect PaperArtist GHOST MAKERs Respect !

New Zelda models

Donnerstag, Juli 13, 2006

Two new wonderful models from the Nintendo classic Zelda are being made available for free download at Ninjatoes , so surf on over to:
Princess Zelda and Majora's Mask are but two of the many unusual paper models available on this site. Many will appreciate the Lara Croft game models as well. We hope to see many more game subjects from Ninjatoes in the future, and no one does Zelda like Ninjatoes!

Vase Collection

Sonntag, Juli 09, 2006
Her is a new release from Andy
...Called "VaseCollection"

3 in one file ;-)

For all my Pink female Fans in this pink world ...

1. Stripes(colour)
2. Pink&Yellow
3. PinkPink

Here the Link : VaseCollection

The Pitcher

Montag, Juli 03, 2006

Here is The Pitcher from the MicroCon iV in two versions :

Watch For These - Sneak peeks

Sonntag, Juli 02, 2006
It is an exciting time to be a paper modeller. Many wonderful new modles are due for release soon. Watch for BrickThulhu and Briquette over at the Brickboy site. Andy is hard at work on a new and very different sculpture, and promises it will be worth the wait. I even have a few tricks up my sleeve. Botpa is averaging a new model every other week, cute racer characters, go karts, and landscape scenery. At Smartgroups Cardmodels4Fun group, Dale Harper (Telman) has been creating a wide variety of box head charcters lovingly known as Hako's that are well worth perusal. So, stock up on ink and card stock, and prepare for some cutting edge fun. What I've mentioned is just the tip of the Iceberg.

Insider Report of Micro Con IV

Freitag, Juni 30, 2006
Each year, Mike and Demi Hungerford open thier home to host paper model enthusiasts and designers for what they have dubbed Micro Con. This year was the fourth of sucessful Micro Cons, and a real treat to attendees, who attended over a two day period June 24-25. Everyone brings thier favorite models for display. Some who cannot attend due to distance design special commemorative paper models which are given to those who attend. Let me tell you, it is an event that is much anticipated by those lucky enough to live within driving distance! With a casual atmosphere, great food prepared by Demi, and the chance to meet other paper fans and those who design for our paper passion, as well as the opportunity to see many, many different models of all genre, it is a wonderful event. For those who have not attended, I urge you to make plans to go to next year's event. To get a look at what you have been missing, Mike Hungerford (known as Chthulhu, our Fearedless Leader) has posted a photo album on the web at this site: that covers all the Micro Cons he has held to date. Well worth a visit.
This year, Chthulu set up a web cam, so those who could not attend could sit in from the comfort of thier own home. Rick the Webdude attended via speaker phone and watched via webcam, adding an exciting new dimension to the con, and allowing all those who were there to hear his delightful Tenessee accent for the first time. Many others tuned in to the cam internationally, including Andy. Andy also sent two of his own models as commemoratives, and they are now available to everyone at Andy's Papercraft. I love the one with the roses! Head on over to the download page to get your very own (in two different styles!)

MicroCon IV in America started.

Sonntag, Juni 25, 2006

The Con from Chthulhu's is started..>>>>

Picture from Models and Paperartist can you see on the Webcam. I am not on the Con but Julie Cabler. I hope she will write an blog for you later.

So best regards and Many Fun on the MicroCon

Die Convetion von Chthulhus hat begonnen. >>>>

Bilder von den Papiermodellen und Paperartisten können du auf das WebSite sehen. Ich bin nicht auf derConvetion Julie Cabler. Ich hoffe, daß sie später einen Bericht schreibt.
So, beste Wünsche und viel Spaß auf dem MicroCon

Wünscht euch Andy (andys-papercraft)

Mittwoch, Juni 21, 2006
Hello paper enthusiasts!
Welcome to a bi-national paper experience. Andy, the creator of this blog, is from Germany, and speaks some english. I, Julie, am from the USA. I speak nearly no german whatsoever. But thanks to the world wide web, and a mutual interest in paper models (among many other subjects) Andy and I have found a wonderful freindship and a way to collaberate in the creation of unusual paper model subjects. We can only hope and pray that our combined efforts bring you enjoyment and fun. This site is our Paper Dream Come True, and hence it's name. Every now and then, Andy will pick an outstanding paper model and grace it with his infamous Award Of The Week. The only rule is that the model must be offered as a free download to all. Andy will be soley responsible for making these choices (so all bribes must be adressed to him exclusively.) Please feel free to post your comments and your own paper dreams here. Visit us often, as there are bound to be many surprises, as well as interesting things to make. Thanks for including us in your web surfing!

Dienstag, Juni 20, 2006
This is only a test of the paper emergency broadcast system. I repeat, it is only a test.

Best Model 2006

Montag, Juni 19, 2006

I saw wonderful Papermodel. The most beautiful in this year. Not heavily. Easily to tinker Super Style and perfect.Ich saw it absolute on the Blog of the Paperforest. Best it is the left free of charge here:

Ich sah einen wundervolles Papiermodel. Das schönste in diesem jahr. Nicht schwer. Leicht zu basteln .Super Style und absolut perfekt.Ich habe es auf dem Blog vom Paperforest gesehen.
Das beste es ist kostenlos
Hier der Link:


Sonntag, Juni 18, 2006

My first Model in the Year 2006 is an Pitcher. Julie Cabler released it on the Mini Convention from Mike Huggerford. The pitcher is my first Model after a Timeout (2 years)

The Pitcher gives in two Creations. You can see ?

After the Convention you can download the model here.

Mein erstes Modell im Jahr 2006 ist ein Krug. Julie Cabler veröffentlicht ihn auf der Miniversammlung von Mike Huggerford. Der Krug ist mein erstes Modell nach einer Pause (2 Jahre) Der Krug gibt in zwei Versionen. Nach der Versammlung können Sie die Modell hier downloaden.

New Site Style

This is the new Site of Andys´Papercraft. Julie and i makes here news about papercrafting
new Releses and more... a blog about Papercraft around the World. The motto is "Paperdreams come true"